It Can’t Rain all the Time.

It’s funny how life has this accumulative way of only being bad for so long. You struggle and you push your way through bad times, and then suddenly the tides turn.

It’s been a good week. After a year of being on evenings, I think my brain was about burnt out. Then my boyfriend got day shift (which is great) but I had another month to go before the new set of hours. Well, we did shift bid this week and I got days. I’ve been writing every single day and have managed to accumulate 13,500+ words (so far) toward the first book I’ve attempted to write in 15 years, we are finally heads above water and close to being even more than that… it looks like the storm is over.

To celebrate the light at the end of the tunnel, today we are having sushi with my friend – because I said “if we are really doing this saving for a house thing, I want sushi before we throw ourselves in!”


Coffee is my Motor.


My daily routine lately has been a pretty predictable one.  I get out of bed, shower and get dressed, then I make a pot of coffee.  The goal is to drink as much of it as I can before I leave so that when I arrive at work and have to fire all the thrusters, they work.

I blame the coffee addiction on my days as a coffee wench.  Free coffee?  Don’t mind if I do!  Next thing you know, you’re hooked and without it you’re a zombie, stumbling through the world, not even ambitious enough to want brains.

(Actual footage of me without my coffee.)

Seriously though, I think I’ve developed some major caffeine tolerance, because I drink lots before work and sometimes, that is my exact shuffle to the bus stop.  Just imagine him in a dress and denim jacket covered in patches.

I’m up to 11,500+ words now.  They say you need 55,000 approximately for a book – hopefully the ideas keep flowing, because my weird sense of humour finally seems to have a purpose!


This time of night is both a blessing and a curse.  I have peace and quiet, which helps with focusing on writing, and I definitely need some sort of mental exercise to check my brain out for the night so I can sleep.

However, after spending all day talking to strangers, I want to talk to people I know – but everyone, including my better half, have gone to bed.  I find myself having one sided (sometimes two-sided) conversations with the fur-kids, particularly Sylvester, who I’m pretty sure got a dog’s soul at the depot.  He is also afraid of his own shadow, and everyone else’s.  He sure is cute though.


Then there is Lolita – who is five pounds of raw, unbridled fury.  Of our three cats, she has the most attitude (so much so she once found her head pinned to the floor by our oldest – and largest – cat for a solid twenty seconds after swatting him in the face).  She looks innocent enough, but make no mistake – she’s a killer.  When she’s not hanging out in the bathtub for no apparent reason, anyway.


Then there is Mr. Fuzzy Bloomers aka Phantom, who is now sixteen years old, and was my boyfriend’s cat long before I knew him.  He’s acclimated pretty well, he is a laid back old fella – except when Sylly steals his food.  Which happens often.  He has a hard time getting up onto furniture because he has arthritis – which is what makes this picture such a gem.  It isn’t as portait-esque as the other two, because he was trying to climb back out because I guess the hooman wasn’t supposed to know he could climb up there?


Also,  I have no idea how we got lucky enough to end up with three tuxedo cats that were all rescues.  I just know that despite the scuffling that sometimes goes on at this time of night, I love these little floofs.

Creation vs Depression

The last couple of years has been really tough.  It sort of created this black vortex, where everything I thought of creating just never got made.  Everything from music, to sculptures, to accessories.  Even my writing suffered in a huge way.

They say the best art comes from dark places, but what if it’s so dark you can’t find a small light to lead the way back out?

We lost two family members in 2016, and the tailspin it resulted in is only starting to correct itself the last little while.  Money problems compounded this, as did the fact we were both on evenings at work – and we both prefer days.  Recently, my boyfriend got day shift, and I am able to bid on a new schedule every three months, and my stats are looking good so that means I stand a chance of getting days as well.

For me, this means I will be able to work on art during the hours I am most mentally active.  It means when I come up with an idea I won’t be on break and need to go take calls in 15 minutes so I won’t just forgot to do it or be like “ah fuck it” when I do get home.

The writing has been the first step of getting back to creating again.  I am now driven to get our work space sorted out and all of my supplies organized so I can sit down and work in peace.  I have long put-off projects waiting to be made, and now I can actually imagine them coming to fruition.  I can finally start building up stock for my store as well, and get it online.

Anyway, back to writing!


Time Thieving Gremlins, Yeah, That’s It.

Not enough to drink as much coffee as I’d like to before facing the world.  Not enough to write as voraciously as I would like to.  Not enough hours to really enjoy the hours between work on a work week.

Where does the time go?  One minute I’m dragging myself out of bed, getting my lunch together and making coffee, next minute it’s time to leave already.  What is this phenomenon where, if you’re waiting for something to happen, the hours drag – but if you want to squeeze in lots of activities, BAM it’s already time to go?

Do we have little time-sucking gremlins hiding in the corners of every room, waiting for us to have extra things to do?  Are these same gremlins blowing that time back out when we have all the time in the world and are waiting for something?

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it, mostly because I need to go and write now.  Byeeeee.




Planning Ahead. Sometimes.

Recently, my boyfriend and I have set our sights upon saving up for a house.  We have wanted a house for years but the last few have been brutal – so now, we are in a place to focus, save and perhaps mostly curb our inner children from buying any more collectibles (more to move, amirite?).

In gearing up for this I’ve been doing research, trying to find a good free budgeting app, or at least one that can track what our actual expenses each month are.  This was easier said than done, as most of the free ones are only somewhat functional.  A lot of these apps also ask for your bank account number so they can track your spending… “Shut up and take my money… no, really….” and I don’t trust third parties (as in NOT the bank) having access to our bank account.  I deal with account security breaches in my work every day, I don’t need one of my own!

I’ve finally found one, and of course I spend lots of time adding each of our credits and debits to it, and sorting out how to pay off each bill in succession.  The thing that surprised me is how quickly the money can add up if all goes as planned.  There was a time I was constantly in the red, when my boys were younger, and dollars just weren’t flexible enough to bend around corners.  With two of us earning money and saving up, we could conceivably afford a house in a year or so – and more easily afford one in two years.  Either way, the end to rental living is seemingly approaching quickly, and not a day too soon.