I WILL Finish the Book.

I’ve been working on a book since spring. I feel like a million things derailed me this summer/fall, including other creative endeavours, but I’m getting my thoughts organized to go back and edit the third to half book I have so far. I feel like I run out of time by the time I get the things done that I need to do in a day. I wonder if we can petition for some extra hours in a day? No? Damn.

Anyway, here’s a very small excerpt:

Jules realized that in the last year, the majority of her socializing was with her little feline.  She spent more time with Joey lately, but overall she had been a bit reclusive the last couple of years or so and especially early this year.  It wasn’t intentional, she just found herself preferring binge watching subscription television services to

being around people. As a result, she rarely came across a spoiler on social media.  Besides, social media was too full of “fake news” these days.

“Loki, wherever you are right now, if you can do anything about the state of politics here, please do.”

     Loki chuckled to himself.  Little did the naive mortal know, gods had no say in things like this. They long ago resigned themselves to staying out of politics, religious wars had snuffed out enough of their followers to cause many gods to be forgotten.

     Politics in its current state was off-limits.  Besides, there were even deities who said “I don’t know, let’s see how he does!”  Then there were those who didn’t want to see how he did because they could predict it already.

Loki facepalmed and laughed when he heard Odin yelling “YOU’RE FIRED!” in a convincing impersonation of Trump’s voice.  Odin was not going to be on a Saturday night skit show anytime soon.  He was still on the outs with one of the writers for stealing his ideas and not attributing credit.  Though, to be fair, crediting a Norse god for your skit writing was likely to land you in a psych ward in this day and age. People just didn’t believe anymore.

     Loki had built himself a pretty large, and at times fearsome reputation, which he occasionally earned.  It wasn’t always all fire and underpants pranks.  Loki had a soft spot for free-thinkers and jokers, he saw a little of himself in them.  He was never the type to just show up and arbitrarily set fire to someone’s hair, but he liked having that

reputation because it gave him power.  It didn’t necessarily turn people into worshippers, but it often kept them from wasting his time, and time to Loki was everything.  

     He liked being his own god, not having hierarchy to obey. This was the one thing about the ever-increasing godless world that was developing, people didn’t need to see a chain of command in charge of them, they were satisfied with having this at their jobs.  

     For some reason though, they complained more about a hierarchy of humans than they did about a hierarchy of gods.  If only they realized gods could be just as petty as humans.  Worse, even. If humans thought water cooler talk was bad on earth, it was nothing compared to the rumour-mongering that went on in Asgard.  So much tea was spilled, it was like Griffin’s Wharf in 1773. 

©Lisa Patric 2018


What’s this. What’s this?

So my friend commissioned a Nightmare Before Christmas sculpture for his partner for Christmas so I’m under the gun to get it finished. He said it’s okay if the work goes past Christmas, but I’m not. A girl needs her presents!

Anyway. Here it all is so far. Jack and his tie are baked now, wanted it to be done separately so I can attach it properly once everything is painted. I need to come up with a solution for the fence as well, because the horizontal pieces popped free of the glue as I was attempting to embed it in the snow. Embroidery thread maybe?

Almost there!

This has been quite a journey, getting this thing together. I have realized that it’s hard to be a perfectionist and also be a sculptor. I know that in time I will refine my skills but something inside of me just wants to go back and do it again.

All that’s left is painting the back fin I had to replace, and painting the finger I needed to repair. Then I can put the protective coats on and get it to its new owner’s mum, since she commissioned it for her for Christmas.

“Offended” does not mean you’re wrong.

I have a small diatribe to get out of my system here. It’s been eating at me and I need to just get it down on paper (sort of).

The thing about the internet is that the trolls don’t live under bridges. They live in threads, where arguing is the only pleasure they get from their pitiful little lives. They jump all over people who are rightfully offended by the shitty things others do (no, I’m not talking about those who are offended by some instagramer’s new hair colour) and try to make them feel like they’re over sensitive and should just shut up. Except, in a lot of cases the things they’re angry at, they should be angry at.

Intolerance is something that seems to be experiencing a whole new level of resurgence, especially on the internet. Thanks to the ignorant, hateful mango with legs that is in charge in the US, all of the closet racists, homophobes, transphobes and religious zealots seem to have climbed out of their closets with megaphones and signs.

As someone who has never understood hatred based on differences people cannot change – in fact, as someone who embraces people’s differences – I am genuinely offended not on behalf of the different groups, but on behalf of humanity, because at the end of the day that’s what all of these people are. Having some different qualities doesn’t make someone inhuman, but treating someone differently for it does.

Be human. Allow people to get offended and even go so far as to get offended too, because it’s a fucking plague out there. A plague of indifference and hatred and people making excuses why hatred is perfectly okay. Help it stop by being part of the solution. Spread love, not hate.

Purge, Purge, Purge.

Don’t worry, I’m not going on a killing spree. Well, unless you’re unnecessary clutter I don’t need anymore, then all bets are off.

My son is moving back in with us for now so we have rearranged the house so he can have the only actual bedroom in the place. We already have half the loft set up as a work space for Warhammer and my art, the other end is now our bedroom. I was mercilessly throwing things out left right and center this weekend, mainly because I’m fed up with juggling clutter. I’m also nowhere near done, because I get tired of what I’m doing and wander off.

Why do I do this to myself?


This weekend my son is moving back in with us (for the time being, anyway). I’m excited for the changes, honestly. I feel very overcrowded in the room we use as our bedroom right now due to the sheer size of the bed frame/bedposts. We will be scaling back the bed by getting a simple frame for it with no headboard. I will likely diy a faux one for visuals’ sake at some point.

The exciting part is that part of this is getting my work space organized again. Like, actually, properly organized. That means I can sit down at my desk and have room for my tools and still have a table to work on. By the end of the weekend I hope to truly have a dedicated work space again, and a visually larger sleep space in the same huge room. This will include my iMac and my recording equipment. It also means I will have a space to possibly set up a YouTube channel (I have ideas, just need to make them happen). It’s going to be a laborious weekend but it will have a big payoff!