But they don’t act like birds…



Random conversation at a coffee shop in 2012:

“Look at the birds begging for food.”
“I wish I had some birdseed to give them, it’s fun to watch them eat.”
“Owls too.”
“Pardon? …but…owls are birds.”
“No… they don’t look like birds, or act like birds…”
“Yes, they are birds. Describe what makes a bird a bird? For example, a blue-footed booby is nothing like a robin.”
[dubious tone] “…I guess.”
“Gah. Here let me prove it to you. I will look it up on Google and show you.”
*hands over phone* “See? Birds.”
“Huh. What do you know, you’re right. But they don’t look or act like birds.”
*facepalm* “Seriously, what did you think they were? They have beaks, they have feathers….”
“I thought they were a subspecies of bird or something.”
“So… a bird?”

That Christmas I was given an owl puppet by a friend of mine as (what I am sure was) a reminder to choose men a lot more carefully. Since then my taste has improved lots, as has the quality of conversation. I will spare you all the story of how velociraptor is really a bird because it has feathers… it was much like the conversation above, except he was never actually convinced I was right.


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