Armageddon is Upon Us

Well, not really.

However, seeing the name “Donald Trump” and the title “President of the United States” together does bring the image of locusts and pestilence – and I’m not even Christian! Seriously, what the fuck is even happening out there? Women’s marches, I get. Gay party outside Mike Pence’s house, I get. In fact, I wish I could’ve been there!

Even just general sign carrying, sharing of media related to what a waste of skin the man is (yes, I’m biased, can you blame me??), I support all of it. I don’t understand rioting and damaging the property of innocent people who have absolutely nothing to do with cheeto-man. I can’t fathom what these people hope to accomplish by attacking those around them to make a point about the new president. This article in particular ruffled me:

Hey kid, we don’t like him either – but I’m pretty sure starting fires is STILL illegal and also dangerous, just ask Smokey the Bear. Well, if Trump hasn’t made him into a rug yet.

Now, I don’t think many people outside of the alt-right movement have any respect for them. However, alt-left anarchist behavior doesn’t make the alt-right go away, it just makes them stronger. As a Canadian, watching all of this from a distance, I believe part of the reason Trump got into office was simply because the alt-left movement drove the ones who may have just gone with the alternative vote – to vote for Trump, simply so they have permission to be politically incorrect.

I’m genuinely afraid for the future of the United States, unless this man gets impeached or otherwise stopped from being in charge of the country, because this has gone so far past three-ring circus I don’t even know what territory it is anymore. Outer Limits? Twilight Zone?


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