Dude, Where’s My Book?

Many years ago, I started to write a book. 2003, to be exact. It started as a handwritten endeavor, simply because I didn’t own a computer at the time. That changed, I transcribed my work up until that point into text files, and continued to write. I managed to scrawl out about 4 chapters, plus a prologue – and then I split up with my ex-husband and he kept the computer (it was a gift to me from my mother, but he felt he should have it – like pretty much everything else in the split).

While I took a hiatus in England, my ex mostly used the computer for the Avenue Q description of its use, and I came back to requests for help to get it up and running properly again. A friend walked me through a system reinstall, and I lost everything I had written. My own fault, because I hadn’t learned to back up everything I write yet.

Now, of course I save things both on clouds and in my email.

Finally, over the last few years, I’ve come full circle and have desire to write again. This blog is one way of forcing myself to do it daily when I’m not working on my book – and honestly, I’m finding the process as addictive as I used to. Now I’m looking for decent writing apps for my phone so I don’t lose ideas while I’m not near my computer, and I’m coming up with random “what ifs”. The wheels are turning again and it’s important I keep it from stopping. I’m not sure why I even stopped now.




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