Whatever Floats Your Goat

So, after a tough month of being flat broke (boyfriend was off work due to illness and got laid off – and coffee wenches don’t make much moolah), we are finally climbing out from under the rubble. Last night I bought Goat Simulator, and I’m pretty sure it was designed by an evil genius to keep people playing video games. I’ve told people time and again I am not a gamer “per se” but I do enjoy quirky and weird video games. I have a feeling I am going to be yanking myself away from the screen to keep myself creative. My Friday night here is going to include home karaoke, my new game and possibly a little bit more shopping. Yep. I’m a party animal.

Also, I bought some clothes online, on sale and then on discount again. It’s part of the “make my closet pretty again” project. Now to return to the gym and start working on my caboose!


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