Slowly Getting There.

Having my own website/store is exciting. It’s also terrifying, and a lot of work when you don’t have someone like Etsy calculating everything for you. I’m pushing through, though. Trying hard to find time to promote my stuff (hardest part isn’t the promotion though, it’s finding time outside of a full time job to work on the art and accessories) is tricky.

It started with necklaces,  now some bat bows. I have started making hair flower clips as well, and have some earrings planned. I am going to delve into some soaps soon, ones made from natural ingredients with fun themes and scents. I also have some of my art for sale on there, and am planning to also add any future sculpture. In the end it will be a meshing of all of my hobbies (I hope).

I just finished another commission – the last of the ones I had piled up – and will now be able to find more time to focus on building stock. Also hoping to get out to some sort of show or two this summer, but we shall see what August brings.

For anyone curious enough to check out how the site is coming along so far – here is the link!

Velvet Embers – Accessories and Art for the Strange at Heart.

That’s Rich.

I’ve struggled with money for some time now, and it’s been far too long since I’ve been in a position to save money for something big. In the past I’ve been lucky to have any money left after bills and expenses.

So, imagine how it felt when I was speaking to someone about how we are working on budgeting and saving everything we can for a house, and a voice blurts out from behind me “Ooh, rich. Must be nice.”

First of all, was not speaking to this person. Second, saving money for a house implies you are not rich, because you have to save. Seriously, what the fuck, bruh?

This has me seriously thinking about how many times in my life people around me have been absolutely nasty to me when I even stood a chance of having something they didn’t. I don’t even have to achieve the goal, I just have to set my sights on it and it causes dumb comments like this to leave their lips.

I’ve always kept a tight circle, because I’m well aware what the world is like. This person (I thought?) was a friend. After multiple similar behavioural “slips” I’m realizing they aren’t slips, they’re the act of an asshat. I guess because when a friend achieves a goal or gets something they wanted, or even is in a place to have these things, I get excited for them, I forgot what a bitter place the world can be.

It’s okay. I’ll save my excitement for those who can find it in themselves to reciprocate. Or maybe my rich friends. *laughs hysterically*


Planning Ahead. Sometimes.

Recently, my boyfriend and I have set our sights upon saving up for a house.  We have wanted a house for years but the last few have been brutal – so now, we are in a place to focus, save and perhaps mostly curb our inner children from buying any more collectibles (more to move, amirite?).

In gearing up for this I’ve been doing research, trying to find a good free budgeting app, or at least one that can track what our actual expenses each month are.  This was easier said than done, as most of the free ones are only somewhat functional.  A lot of these apps also ask for your bank account number so they can track your spending… “Shut up and take my money… no, really….” and I don’t trust third parties (as in NOT the bank) having access to our bank account.  I deal with account security breaches in my work every day, I don’t need one of my own!

I’ve finally found one, and of course I spend lots of time adding each of our credits and debits to it, and sorting out how to pay off each bill in succession.  The thing that surprised me is how quickly the money can add up if all goes as planned.  There was a time I was constantly in the red, when my boys were younger, and dollars just weren’t flexible enough to bend around corners.  With two of us earning money and saving up, we could conceivably afford a house in a year or so – and more easily afford one in two years.  Either way, the end to rental living is seemingly approaching quickly, and not a day too soon.