Cat’s in the bag(s).

So this is the result of all of my packaging efforts last night. I also managed to squeak out a couple of pendants! These will be on my website once I have a change to get a photo that isn’t on my cutting mat.


Work in Progress

This is Flidais, an Irish Celtic goddess of the forest. This has been a slowly progressing piece due to other commitments and running out of materials during the work but here she is. All I have to do tomorrow is put a couple of coats of gloss on her eyes and glue on her eyelashes.

Slowly Getting There.

Having my own website/store is exciting. It’s also terrifying, and a lot of work when you don’t have someone like Etsy calculating everything for you. I’m pushing through, though. Trying hard to find time to promote my stuff (hardest part isn’t the promotion though, it’s finding time outside of a full time job to work on the art and accessories) is tricky.

It started with necklaces,  now some bat bows. I have started making hair flower clips as well, and have some earrings planned. I am going to delve into some soaps soon, ones made from natural ingredients with fun themes and scents. I also have some of my art for sale on there, and am planning to also add any future sculpture. In the end it will be a meshing of all of my hobbies (I hope).

I just finished another commission – the last of the ones I had piled up – and will now be able to find more time to focus on building stock. Also hoping to get out to some sort of show or two this summer, but we shall see what August brings.

For anyone curious enough to check out how the site is coming along so far – here is the link!

Velvet Embers – Accessories and Art for the Strange at Heart.

Back on Track!

So, life has been a rollercoaster for quite some time.  I struggle with the balance of the day job I need in order to survive, and making time to create and build my business so that maybe someday I will be able to leave a life of autopilot.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate having a job, especially in today’s work climate – but when I’m working on something creative, I’m sparked in a way that nothing else can do for me.  It’s addictive, and when I go without it too long, my mindstate starts to erode.  I become frustrated far more easily, and days spent at work seem so much longer.  Recently I’ve made an adjustment to allow myself to jump into art anytime I feel like it, and the fruits have been showing.

I finally got all the materials to try sculpting Polymer pendants, just black clay with mica embellishments to give them a little bit of flair, and this past weekend I finally found time to play with the clay.  I am so glad I did, though I wish I could be doing this for more hours of the day.  Seeing these little pieces come together, and watching my method and skill improve a little with each one is encouraging.

There are a few more products accessory-wise that I want to create, but this is a start. Soon I can get that online store together and finally take advantage of that business license I spent money on!