This weekend my son is moving back in with us (for the time being, anyway). I’m excited for the changes, honestly. I feel very overcrowded in the room we use as our bedroom right now due to the sheer size of the bed frame/bedposts. We will be scaling back the bed by getting a simple frame for it with no headboard. I will likely diy a faux one for visuals’ sake at some point.

The exciting part is that part of this is getting my work space organized again. Like, actually, properly organized. That means I can sit down at my desk and have room for my tools and still have a table to work on. By the end of the weekend I hope to truly have a dedicated work space again, and a visually larger sleep space in the same huge room. This will include my iMac and my recording equipment. It also means I will have a space to possibly set up a YouTube channel (I have ideas, just need to make them happen). It’s going to be a laborious weekend but it will have a big payoff!

Let’s Join a Cult!

Sometimes I dream about the weirdest, least relevant to my actual fears things.

Last night I dreamt that a cult had kidnapped me. I never figured out what the cult was actually built around, I just spent the whole dream trying to scrambled back to see my kids (who are now adults) and every time I got loose I was corralled and put back where they wanted me to be. Not in a cage, not in a locker room, just standing around with them. Maybe they were a cult of laziness? That’s hardly a sect behaviour though. I don’t feel particularly threatened by cults, in fact I don’t know if there are any… operating? in my area. The psychology of the dream is pretty easy to analyze – but why a cult?

Brain, you weird.


I WILL Finish the Book.

I’ve been working on a book since spring. I feel like a million things derailed me this summer/fall, including other creative endeavours, but I’m getting my thoughts organized to go back and edit the third to half book I have so far. I feel like I run out of time by the time I get the things done that I need to do in a day. I wonder if we can petition for some extra hours in a day? No? Damn.

Anyway, here’s a very small excerpt:

Jules realized that in the last year, the majority of her socializing was with her little feline.  She spent more time with Joey lately, but overall she had been a bit reclusive the last couple of years or so and especially early this year.  It wasn’t intentional, she just found herself preferring binge watching subscription television services to

being around people. As a result, she rarely came across a spoiler on social media.  Besides, social media was too full of “fake news” these days.

“Loki, wherever you are right now, if you can do anything about the state of politics here, please do.”

     Loki chuckled to himself.  Little did the naive mortal know, gods had no say in things like this. They long ago resigned themselves to staying out of politics, religious wars had snuffed out enough of their followers to cause many gods to be forgotten.

     Politics in its current state was off-limits.  Besides, there were even deities who said “I don’t know, let’s see how he does!”  Then there were those who didn’t want to see how he did because they could predict it already.

Loki facepalmed and laughed when he heard Odin yelling “YOU’RE FIRED!” in a convincing impersonation of Trump’s voice.  Odin was not going to be on a Saturday night skit show anytime soon.  He was still on the outs with one of the writers for stealing his ideas and not attributing credit.  Though, to be fair, crediting a Norse god for your skit writing was likely to land you in a psych ward in this day and age. People just didn’t believe anymore.

     Loki had built himself a pretty large, and at times fearsome reputation, which he occasionally earned.  It wasn’t always all fire and underpants pranks.  Loki had a soft spot for free-thinkers and jokers, he saw a little of himself in them.  He was never the type to just show up and arbitrarily set fire to someone’s hair, but he liked having that

reputation because it gave him power.  It didn’t necessarily turn people into worshippers, but it often kept them from wasting his time, and time to Loki was everything.  

     He liked being his own god, not having hierarchy to obey. This was the one thing about the ever-increasing godless world that was developing, people didn’t need to see a chain of command in charge of them, they were satisfied with having this at their jobs.  

     For some reason though, they complained more about a hierarchy of humans than they did about a hierarchy of gods.  If only they realized gods could be just as petty as humans.  Worse, even. If humans thought water cooler talk was bad on earth, it was nothing compared to the rumour-mongering that went on in Asgard.  So much tea was spilled, it was like Griffin’s Wharf in 1773. 

©Lisa Patric 2018

One Day at a Time!

So, for some time I’ve had a registered company and no time to build it because of everything from terrible hours at work to no money to build.  Both of these things are changing, my hours have been daytime hours for some time now – and I have slowly been building supplies for a while to get my business off the ground.

This week, I invested in a domain and website/store – need to get both of those designed soon because as it turns out, word of mouth is a really good tool for making sales.  Here I was thinking that the figurines I make might take some time to find buyers, instead I have had several commission requests.  First it was a couple of friends, now people who don’t even know me are showing interest.  I have to keep a day job of course, but it’s looking like I am going to have to possibly find part time work if I’m going to make a real go of this.

We shall see what happens when I finish the four I currently have on the table.  It looks like it might soon be five.

Netflix and Black Holes Theory

I feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish what I would like to and also get to relax.  I’m beginning to realize that a lot of this time-thieving comes from binge-watching Netflix.   It’s a habit that will have to change so that I can spend those precious hours creating.

NOT to say that if something I really want to watch comes on, I won’t watch it – just that I will have to start doing this on my iPad instead, so I can also make things.  I’ve a few things in mind I want to start on ASAP including finishing the unicorn doll I started a while ago, and several sculpture projects – as well as some hair accessories and other little goodies.

For now, off to work I go, undercaffeinated as hell.


Time Thieving Gremlins, Yeah, That’s It.

Not enough to drink as much coffee as I’d like to before facing the world.  Not enough to write as voraciously as I would like to.  Not enough hours to really enjoy the hours between work on a work week.

Where does the time go?  One minute I’m dragging myself out of bed, getting my lunch together and making coffee, next minute it’s time to leave already.  What is this phenomenon where, if you’re waiting for something to happen, the hours drag – but if you want to squeeze in lots of activities, BAM it’s already time to go?

Do we have little time-sucking gremlins hiding in the corners of every room, waiting for us to have extra things to do?  Are these same gremlins blowing that time back out when we have all the time in the world and are waiting for something?

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it, mostly because I need to go and write now.  Byeeeee.