Slowly Getting There.

Having my own website/store is exciting. It’s also terrifying, and a lot of work when you don’t have someone like Etsy calculating everything for you. I’m pushing through, though. Trying hard to find time to promote my stuff (hardest part isn’t the promotion though, it’s finding time outside of a full time job to work on the art and accessories) is tricky.

It started with necklaces,  now some bat bows. I have started making hair flower clips as well, and have some earrings planned. I am going to delve into some soaps soon, ones made from natural ingredients with fun themes and scents. I also have some of my art for sale on there, and am planning to also add any future sculpture. In the end it will be a meshing of all of my hobbies (I hope).

I just finished another commission – the last of the ones I had piled up – and will now be able to find more time to focus on building stock. Also hoping to get out to some sort of show or two this summer, but we shall see what August brings.

For anyone curious enough to check out how the site is coming along so far – here is the link!

Velvet Embers – Accessories and Art for the Strange at Heart.

Creation vs Depression

The last couple of years has been really tough.  It sort of created this black vortex, where everything I thought of creating just never got made.  Everything from music, to sculptures, to accessories.  Even my writing suffered in a huge way.

They say the best art comes from dark places, but what if it’s so dark you can’t find a small light to lead the way back out?

We lost two family members in 2016, and the tailspin it resulted in is only starting to correct itself the last little while.  Money problems compounded this, as did the fact we were both on evenings at work – and we both prefer days.  Recently, my boyfriend got day shift, and I am able to bid on a new schedule every three months, and my stats are looking good so that means I stand a chance of getting days as well.

For me, this means I will be able to work on art during the hours I am most mentally active.  It means when I come up with an idea I won’t be on break and need to go take calls in 15 minutes so I won’t just forgot to do it or be like “ah fuck it” when I do get home.

The writing has been the first step of getting back to creating again.  I am now driven to get our work space sorted out and all of my supplies organized so I can sit down and work in peace.  I have long put-off projects waiting to be made, and now I can actually imagine them coming to fruition.  I can finally start building up stock for my store as well, and get it online.

Anyway, back to writing!


But Guns are Life, Yo.

I’m genuinely wondering if certain Americans really understand or know how the rest of the world sees them.  Maybe if they saw themselves through world view eyes, they would care more about the diarrhea they spew on the internet?  Maybe they wouldn’t but I can always hope humanity has some hope.

I see a trend when anyone posts anything anti-gun, all of the pro-gun, extreme right nutcases jump all over the post, talking about their second amendment rights or how the problem isn’t the guns, it’s the people.  Well, yes, they are partially correct.  The people with the guns are the problem, but who is to say who will be stable and predictable and never do anything wrong with the guns they’re allowed to have?  Well, there is no way to say.

Tighter gun laws need to happen.  This does not mean that Joe McAmerica down the street loses his gun, it means he needs to prove he deserves to keep it (at least for now) and that anyone buying a gun for the first time has to go through stringent screening.  That’s how it is in Canada, and our gun related death rate has always been considerably lower.

When people blather “they’re trying to take our guns!” it hurts my head. Perhaps people with that attitude need their guns taken away?  They’re trying to keep psychotic assholes from getting guns – and since the mental health resources are nowhere near up to par, they have to find somewhere to try and fix this mess.  Should everyone have a gun just because the forefathers said so?  Nope.  In fact, I would say a gun is too much responsibility for a large chunk of humanity.  However, a whole country has grown up with the idea instilled that if they want a gun, they can have one.  When the second amendment happened, mental health issues were ignored.  Crazy aunts and uncles got locked in basements and attics and that was the end of it.

The second amendment is from a less civilized time. Are we not more civilized now, or at least don’t we try to be?

Just my thoughts.

A Novel Idea.

After what has felt like a really long period of being unproductive due to being sick, being tired from work, and just life stuff in general, I’m finally doing it, I’m finally starting a novel again.  I did this back in 2003, but due to my own negligence to back it up by email or some other method besides the computer my ex decided to keep, I lost four chapters and a prologue.  I’ve written short stories and blogged since then but never actually finished getting my sh*t together and made a collective of them, or started a novel again.

I’m also working on a memoir – though, this one will be more for my own mental health than anything else and may never be published.  We shall see, I guess.  For now, getting out my ya-yas through the book and blogging and hoping for the best!

The hardest part about starting with a manuscript is trying to make it all correctly formatted because I’ve not written for so long.  I needed a refresher on random points, like formatting conversation properly, and the correct way to write footnotes (since my piece is fiction, and a lighthearted one at that, I don’t need too much formality in that department but wanted to know if I might get lambasted by those who read it).

Also, remembering to do double spaces after periods?  Ack.  Not something I think about doing usually, in every day writing like emails, etc.  Now I need to force myself to do it in everything so it becomes habit again.  Mostly, just enjoying lazy Sunday and not needing to go anywhere.


I’ve been trying for some time now to get my shit together so I can start making dreams reality. Some days are better than others, but most of the time I find myself not having enough hours in a day after work. Wait, let me rephrase that. Enough useable hours.

My schedule right now is brutal. I have a hard time getting to sleep, and a hard time waking up. That means I can’t find enough hours for the things I love, because I’m so busy trying to make enough money to live. I need to organize better, both my work area and my brain, so that I get things done in a timely fashion. I have so much on the go when it comes to ideas, I need to start fleshing these out. I have a feeling that until I can get an earlier shift in April, it’s mostly going to be writing I’ll focus on.

On that note, I will also be writing here more often.


I’ve decided to add a new endeavour to my business. I’m starting with doll repaints with sculptural elements and eventually will venture into making my own dolls as well. For now, enjoying the transformation of a rescued doll into something more elaborate. Still in first stages with this one: