I WILL Finish the Book.

I’ve been working on a book since spring. I feel like a million things derailed me this summer/fall, including other creative endeavours, but I’m getting my thoughts organized to go back and edit the third to half book I have so far. I feel like I run out of time by the time I get the things done that I need to do in a day. I wonder if we can petition for some extra hours in a day? No? Damn.

Anyway, here’s a very small excerpt:

Jules realized that in the last year, the majority of her socializing was with her little feline.  She spent more time with Joey lately, but overall she had been a bit reclusive the last couple of years or so and especially early this year.  It wasn’t intentional, she just found herself preferring binge watching subscription television services to

being around people. As a result, she rarely came across a spoiler on social media.  Besides, social media was too full of “fake news” these days.

“Loki, wherever you are right now, if you can do anything about the state of politics here, please do.”

     Loki chuckled to himself.  Little did the naive mortal know, gods had no say in things like this. They long ago resigned themselves to staying out of politics, religious wars had snuffed out enough of their followers to cause many gods to be forgotten.

     Politics in its current state was off-limits.  Besides, there were even deities who said “I don’t know, let’s see how he does!”  Then there were those who didn’t want to see how he did because they could predict it already.

Loki facepalmed and laughed when he heard Odin yelling “YOU’RE FIRED!” in a convincing impersonation of Trump’s voice.  Odin was not going to be on a Saturday night skit show anytime soon.  He was still on the outs with one of the writers for stealing his ideas and not attributing credit.  Though, to be fair, crediting a Norse god for your skit writing was likely to land you in a psych ward in this day and age. People just didn’t believe anymore.

     Loki had built himself a pretty large, and at times fearsome reputation, which he occasionally earned.  It wasn’t always all fire and underpants pranks.  Loki had a soft spot for free-thinkers and jokers, he saw a little of himself in them.  He was never the type to just show up and arbitrarily set fire to someone’s hair, but he liked having that

reputation because it gave him power.  It didn’t necessarily turn people into worshippers, but it often kept them from wasting his time, and time to Loki was everything.  

     He liked being his own god, not having hierarchy to obey. This was the one thing about the ever-increasing godless world that was developing, people didn’t need to see a chain of command in charge of them, they were satisfied with having this at their jobs.  

     For some reason though, they complained more about a hierarchy of humans than they did about a hierarchy of gods.  If only they realized gods could be just as petty as humans.  Worse, even. If humans thought water cooler talk was bad on earth, it was nothing compared to the rumour-mongering that went on in Asgard.  So much tea was spilled, it was like Griffin’s Wharf in 1773. 

©Lisa Patric 2018


I’m beginning to feel like I’m finally getting somewhere with this “art” thing.  I am learning a lot with the projects I’ve been working on, and I am almost feeling brave enough to step up my game and leave the dolls behind and just sculpt.  Using dolls as a base to make something is cool, but I’m already feeling the limits using an existing shape to work with.  I have three more to finish, and then I get to see if I am really capable of building from the ground up.

I’m realizing that I also need to focus more on my writing, my book is nearly at the halfway point so I can’t just abandon it.  At the same time, music is calling.  I need to make time to schedule all this stuff in to really make myself happy, all in the hours outside of a day job.  Lately I feel like my brain is going to explode because in the hours I’m doing the day job, all I think about is going home and making things, then I get home and I have to push myself to get things done because I’m mentally exhausted from work. I guess that’s more motivation to try and build this into less of a part time gig.  For now, it’s off to work as usual, and facing a 1 day weekend.

If only the odds of winning the lottery were higher!


Freedom, Sweet Freedom!

There is something to be said for patience and resilience.  The last year of working until 11:30 has not been a lot of fun, and there was a time it was necessary, but that is not the case now.  My boyfriend got day shift over a month ago, and I’ve been biding my time until shift bid came around.  This time my rank was high enough I got days, and honestly it could not come soon enough.

I am the kind of person who is at their creative best in the evening, and for the last year I’ve spent those hours at a desk doing tech support.  Tuesday, day shift begins, which means that after 6:00 pm, I will be free to do whatever I want.  This means more writing, it means making music again, and it means creating lots of neat stuff.  I have been feeling creatively snuffed out, having my only truly useful hours of the day being before work –

this means if I started on a project I’d have to preemptively stop before I finished what I was doing or risk being late – and with sculpture and things related to it, it’s time sensitive stuff.  Can’t leave something half made, because it will be ruined before I can finish it.  Can’t leave polymer (when applicable) unbaked sitting on a table for 9+ hours.

So now, the journey begins.  I will likely be using WordPress for my store, simply because I am already on here and it’s a bit more practical for a beginner like myself.  It also means I have to start keeping receipts for supplies purchased, I have to open a business account pretty soon, and I will need to start settling on a store design.

Yikes. I’m really doing this.


Coffee is my Motor.


My daily routine lately has been a pretty predictable one.  I get out of bed, shower and get dressed, then I make a pot of coffee.  The goal is to drink as much of it as I can before I leave so that when I arrive at work and have to fire all the thrusters, they work.

I blame the coffee addiction on my days as a coffee wench.  Free coffee?  Don’t mind if I do!  Next thing you know, you’re hooked and without it you’re a zombie, stumbling through the world, not even ambitious enough to want brains.

(Actual footage of me without my coffee.)

Seriously though, I think I’ve developed some major caffeine tolerance, because I drink lots before work and sometimes, that is my exact shuffle to the bus stop.  Just imagine him in a dress and denim jacket covered in patches.

I’m up to 11,500+ words now.  They say you need 55,000 approximately for a book – hopefully the ideas keep flowing, because my weird sense of humour finally seems to have a purpose!

Creation vs Depression

The last couple of years has been really tough.  It sort of created this black vortex, where everything I thought of creating just never got made.  Everything from music, to sculptures, to accessories.  Even my writing suffered in a huge way.

They say the best art comes from dark places, but what if it’s so dark you can’t find a small light to lead the way back out?

We lost two family members in 2016, and the tailspin it resulted in is only starting to correct itself the last little while.  Money problems compounded this, as did the fact we were both on evenings at work – and we both prefer days.  Recently, my boyfriend got day shift, and I am able to bid on a new schedule every three months, and my stats are looking good so that means I stand a chance of getting days as well.

For me, this means I will be able to work on art during the hours I am most mentally active.  It means when I come up with an idea I won’t be on break and need to go take calls in 15 minutes so I won’t just forgot to do it or be like “ah fuck it” when I do get home.

The writing has been the first step of getting back to creating again.  I am now driven to get our work space sorted out and all of my supplies organized so I can sit down and work in peace.  I have long put-off projects waiting to be made, and now I can actually imagine them coming to fruition.  I can finally start building up stock for my store as well, and get it online.

Anyway, back to writing!