Store Officially Open!

So, it’s been a month of attempting to design a useable but simple website for selling my stuff and it’s finally done. It still needs tweaks but the store works, and it has the option of Stripe or PayPal. Feeling accomplished and ready to go back to making things to add to it!

Accessories and Art for the Strange at Heart.

Fifty Years of Pride

I am working on a painting currently that is so much more than simply a painting. A friend approached me and asked if I could paint an album cover for him, and I excitedly said yes.

Once he told me what he wanted and what it was for I got even more excited. He’s putting together an album of queer-positive punk music from his younger years, and wanted to get it out and available before Pride Month is over, as a commemorative to Stonewall.

Fifty years later, the battles are (at least for some) slightly less, but there is still a long, long way to go. Nobody should ever decide who you should love, and it’s far overdue for everyone to understand this. I, for one, am proud to be a part of something like this. Pictures and links to the album to come later.

Back on Track!

So, life has been a rollercoaster for quite some time.  I struggle with the balance of the day job I need in order to survive, and making time to create and build my business so that maybe someday I will be able to leave a life of autopilot.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate having a job, especially in today’s work climate – but when I’m working on something creative, I’m sparked in a way that nothing else can do for me.  It’s addictive, and when I go without it too long, my mindstate starts to erode.  I become frustrated far more easily, and days spent at work seem so much longer.  Recently I’ve made an adjustment to allow myself to jump into art anytime I feel like it, and the fruits have been showing.

I finally got all the materials to try sculpting Polymer pendants, just black clay with mica embellishments to give them a little bit of flair, and this past weekend I finally found time to play with the clay.  I am so glad I did, though I wish I could be doing this for more hours of the day.  Seeing these little pieces come together, and watching my method and skill improve a little with each one is encouraging.

There are a few more products accessory-wise that I want to create, but this is a start. Soon I can get that online store together and finally take advantage of that business license I spent money on!


Midnight Radio.

I’m working on a trio of paintings at the moment, all tied in with gender, or rather, the lack of defined lines of what is socially acceptable as “male” or “female”. I was particularly inspired by Hedwig & the Angry Inch, David Bowie and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is Hansel from Hedwig in the last scene, with my own little twist.

Experiments in paint.

I’ve started a new series of painting exploring subjects who helped smash standard gender roles. First in this series is David Bowie because he was an early example of not giving a fuck about whether his attire came from the men’s or women’s section, and he could rock a dress like nobody’s business.

So far:

Still needs the rest of the front rainbow, which I hope to have done by tomorrow night. Plans to distress the back rainbow with some black glaze and a rough brush, and to add glossy varnish to the rainbow, as well as colour shift paint to the face paint.