One Day at a Time!

So, for some time I’ve had a registered company and no time to build it because of everything from terrible hours at work to no money to build.  Both of these things are changing, my hours have been daytime hours for some time now – and I have slowly been building supplies for a while to get my business off the ground.

This week, I invested in a domain and website/store – need to get both of those designed soon because as it turns out, word of mouth is a really good tool for making sales.  Here I was thinking that the figurines I make might take some time to find buyers, instead I have had several commission requests.  First it was a couple of friends, now people who don’t even know me are showing interest.  I have to keep a day job of course, but it’s looking like I am going to have to possibly find part time work if I’m going to make a real go of this.

We shall see what happens when I finish the four I currently have on the table.  It looks like it might soon be five.


Fiona the Fairy

This is the project I’ve been working on all week. She took a little bit of re-planning as the stand I had set up wasn’t strong enough to hold her – pretty happy with the final result though!


I’m beginning to feel like I’m finally getting somewhere with this “art” thing.  I am learning a lot with the projects I’ve been working on, and I am almost feeling brave enough to step up my game and leave the dolls behind and just sculpt.  Using dolls as a base to make something is cool, but I’m already feeling the limits using an existing shape to work with.  I have three more to finish, and then I get to see if I am really capable of building from the ground up.

I’m realizing that I also need to focus more on my writing, my book is nearly at the halfway point so I can’t just abandon it.  At the same time, music is calling.  I need to make time to schedule all this stuff in to really make myself happy, all in the hours outside of a day job.  Lately I feel like my brain is going to explode because in the hours I’m doing the day job, all I think about is going home and making things, then I get home and I have to push myself to get things done because I’m mentally exhausted from work. I guess that’s more motivation to try and build this into less of a part time gig.  For now, it’s off to work as usual, and facing a 1 day weekend.

If only the odds of winning the lottery were higher!


Hey There, Ginger

With all the green I was already using on this doll, it made sense to give her ginger locks.   Painting the clay was a bit challenging, because a lot of it fell behind her head (I think next time I do this method I will make it a ‘wig’ and add it afterwards – ah well, live and learn!)

Pretty happy with the results though.  Next comes mounting on base and adding moss as well as making/painting and embellishing her wings. Thinking butterfly-type wings would be best. Waiting for Pearl Ex powder to arrive so I can add a sheen to her skin, and adding a few dewdrops to her and maybe her rose, then she will be done and ready to deliver to her owner.  First official commission, nearly done!