I’ve decided to add a new endeavour to my business. I’m starting with doll repaints with sculptural elements and eventually will venture into making my own dolls as well. For now, enjoying the transformation of a rescued doll into something more elaborate. Still in first stages with this one: 


It’s #inktober!

So I haven’t participated in this before – I’ve only recently thrown myself back into drawing. This it my “so far this month”. Nothing super impressive but hey, this is fun!

Word of the Day: Productive

I’ve been a bit laggy about getting stuff made during my three days off, not because I wanted to be, but because I felt genuinely sick most of yesterday. I shook it off today and despite some serious stress and anxiety, I decided to be more productive and I got a whole whack of hair flowers and bows made. Also learning to deal with hot glue again (fingers, ouch) and make things both pretty and practical.

Tonight I was able to upload some pictures of finished products to my Facebook store page again *finally* and am hoping to do the same by early in the week. See that here. Ideas aren’t the problem right now, it’s the cash to make and package it all. That will come in weeks to follow. I also need to up my organization game because seriously, I am juggling craft stuff now.



It has become apparent that my creative inklings are nearly uncontrollable lately. I need to make things, every single day. I’ve been working on everything from making clothes to altering pre-existing clothes, as well as making hair flowers and painting. I have a very long list of things I want to make to add to my online store, as well as ideas for marketing and packaging these items for sale. I’m even exploring dollmaking (faeries and elves specifically) using polymer.

Current focus is the flowers, I think tomorrow I’m going to make some bows, I have some really awesome antique looking key charms that are begging to be attached to something. Also, I have skeleton patches awaiting attachment to a cardigan. These are pics of two of the flowers I’ve actually finished off.


Thank goodness I have three days off, I am going to need every hour of it.

Stick a Needle in Your…Thumb?

So, I’ve been using my sewing machine less than a week and I’ve already felt its fury. One distracted second and I had the needle two-thirds of the way through my thumb, straight through my nail. It happened in the middle of a zig-zag stitch, right through my thumbnail. Yes, I’m an idiot. One with a rather small looking boo-boo for how much it hurt. 

Now, on to making dresses and perhaps some purses. I’ve thrown myself into several artistic endeavours this weekend, I’m hoping to get my storenvy storefront re-opened by the end of March, and perhaps get my etsy store up and running finally. 

Right now my fingers are covered in glue and glitter and I have the first of a zombie pinup painting series started. This is the most stuff I’ve gotten accomplished in some time! 

Clutter is the Art Killer

Now, to be fair, some people work very well in a disorganized environment – in fact, many thrive on it. I’m not one of those people. This means I need to motivate myself into getting my workspace (which is approximately 1/4 of our loft) in order and start using it. I have many hobbies, most of which involve making artsy or wearable things. I need to get said hobby in gear and start building up my business like I planned to do when we first moved here.

Well, no excuses. Three days off gives me time to sort, toss, store, etc until I have my own niche to work in. Then, to cat-proof my bins of goodies… particularly the ponies!