Fiona the Fairy

This is the project I’ve been working on all week. She took a little bit of re-planning as the stand I had set up wasn’t strong enough to hold her – pretty happy with the final result though!


Doll Parts

No, nothing as dramatic as the song by Hole. Literally, doll parts, pieces of my current projects. It’s getting exciting, especially as more people ask me to make them customs!

Netflix and Black Holes Theory

I feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish what I would like to and also get to relax.  I’m beginning to realize that a lot of this time-thieving comes from binge-watching Netflix.   It’s a habit that will have to change so that I can spend those precious hours creating.

NOT to say that if something I really want to watch comes on, I won’t watch it – just that I will have to start doing this on my iPad instead, so I can also make things.  I’ve a few things in mind I want to start on ASAP including finishing the unicorn doll I started a while ago, and several sculpture projects – as well as some hair accessories and other little goodies.

For now, off to work I go, undercaffeinated as hell.


Store Planning

Over the next while I will be building up stock and while I’m doing this I am also going to design my store website.  I’m trying to decide if I am going to start my store here (since I’m already here), or go to another site for that.

I don’t want to do the Etsy thing, their fees add up fast and I feel like that’s going to make my products more expensive than I want them to be.  I looked into Shopify, it seemed to be a little pricier than what it seemed to be here.

I guess the question is, how much traffic do stores on WordPress get?  I’m curious, if anyone would like to offer a perspective.


Teensy Coffins

So, I have been tossing around the idea of what I’m going to be shipping my goods in (presentation is a really big thing for me, and I love buying things that come in cute packages).

Last night I spent literally my whole evening designing coffin boxes. At first I wanted to make ones with lids, but the realization that pretty much every printable template on the net has a lid that doesn’t quite fit changed my mind pretty fast. My solution? Open faced, product tied in with some ribbon and cellophane. 

These are my efforts so far.