Teensy Coffins

So, I have been tossing around the idea of what I’m going to be shipping my goods in (presentation is a really big thing for me, and I love buying things that come in cute packages).

Last night I spent literally my whole evening designing coffin boxes. At first I wanted to make ones with lids, but the realization that pretty much every printable template on the net has a lid that doesn’t quite fit changed my mind pretty fast. My solution? Open faced, product tied in with some ribbon and cellophane. 

These are my efforts so far.


Word of the Day: Productive

I’ve been a bit laggy about getting stuff made during my three days off, not because I wanted to be, but because I felt genuinely sick most of yesterday. I shook it off today and despite some serious stress and anxiety, I decided to be more productive and I got a whole whack of hair flowers and bows made. Also learning to deal with hot glue again (fingers, ouch) and make things both pretty and practical.

Tonight I was able to upload some pictures of finished products to my Facebook store page again *finally* and am hoping to do the same by early in the week. See that here. Ideas aren’t the problem right now, it’s the cash to make and package it all. That will come in weeks to follow. I also need to up my organization game because seriously, I am juggling craft stuff now.


Feeling Crafty

Today I took my (new) sewing machine out of its box for the first time. Now, it’s new but I bought it a while ago and just didn’t have space to set it up permanently – because I want to make myself clothes and improve my sewing skills. I even bought some awesome Doctor Who fabric to make a dress from as my “beginning” project. Yes, I’m one of those people who would be caught dead in strange prints, especially geeky ones.

This desk will also be my work space for everything from zombie ponies to hair accessories and necklaces, as well as demented dolls, artwork, and whatever else my brain can come up with. This is the beginning of something good, I have been needing this outlet for some time.