Three, Two, One, and… Go

Today I finally get my studio space set up the way I want to.  We have had the space to do this for some time, but we have not had the time for me to go up and organize my piles of art supplies I have now filled a dresser with.

This means I will now have a stationary place to go and create, and that I can walk away and not leave a giant mess in my living space (this keeps me from doing a lot of things, honestly).  I can set up my iPad and watch….okay, listen to Netflix while I sculpt, draw and paint.  It means I can finally start building up stock (I even have a baker’s shelf for that!) and have some things to sell on my store.

Most importantly, it means I can start making the ideas I have instead of thinking about how awesome they would be.  I can start making custom clothing for myself again as well, as this is my sewing space too.  This is a good weekend.


Freedom, Sweet Freedom!

There is something to be said for patience and resilience.  The last year of working until 11:30 has not been a lot of fun, and there was a time it was necessary, but that is not the case now.  My boyfriend got day shift over a month ago, and I’ve been biding my time until shift bid came around.  This time my rank was high enough I got days, and honestly it could not come soon enough.

I am the kind of person who is at their creative best in the evening, and for the last year I’ve spent those hours at a desk doing tech support.  Tuesday, day shift begins, which means that after 6:00 pm, I will be free to do whatever I want.  This means more writing, it means making music again, and it means creating lots of neat stuff.  I have been feeling creatively snuffed out, having my only truly useful hours of the day being before work –

this means if I started on a project I’d have to preemptively stop before I finished what I was doing or risk being late – and with sculpture and things related to it, it’s time sensitive stuff.  Can’t leave something half made, because it will be ruined before I can finish it.  Can’t leave polymer (when applicable) unbaked sitting on a table for 9+ hours.

So now, the journey begins.  I will likely be using WordPress for my store, simply because I am already on here and it’s a bit more practical for a beginner like myself.  It also means I have to start keeping receipts for supplies purchased, I have to open a business account pretty soon, and I will need to start settling on a store design.

Yikes. I’m really doing this.


By the Beard of Loki

It’s true that once your muse strikes, it’s hard to stop writing. Most people though, have to fit in their muse among their other duties. I fit in my writing before and after work, and how much time I get to write for depends on how much time I have to spare.

I’ve reached that point where the characters are now carrying the story and all I have to do is write down the narrative. It’s exciting, and I wish that I could spent all my waking time writing. Is this what it feels like to be a real boy?

Alas, it is off to work I go.


It has become apparent that my creative inklings are nearly uncontrollable lately. I need to make things, every single day. I’ve been working on everything from making clothes to altering pre-existing clothes, as well as making hair flowers and painting. I have a very long list of things I want to make to add to my online store, as well as ideas for marketing and packaging these items for sale. I’m even exploring dollmaking (faeries and elves specifically) using polymer.

Current focus is the flowers, I think tomorrow I’m going to make some bows, I have some really awesome antique looking key charms that are begging to be attached to something. Also, I have skeleton patches awaiting attachment to a cardigan. These are pics of two of the flowers I’ve actually finished off.


Thank goodness I have three days off, I am going to need every hour of it.