Just a Bit of Shameless Self-Promotion

I am slowly getting my artwork up onto my website. It’s taking time to get it all organized, and it’s an interesting experiment checking the traffic. I found out that someone tried to buy one of my paintings three times, while Stripe had assumed that there was suspicious activity on my account and closed it without telling me. I’m kind of sore about the loss of the sale to be honest, but it isn’t like they’ll compensate me. So far, traffic to the site has been good, which is promising. It’s only been live for around 1.5 months.

Anyway, here is what I have there so far in my art section. There’s also a growing jewelry and accessories section which I’m currently working on some things for. Feel free to have a look around!

At the moment the site is only set up to ship to US and Canada but you can drop me a line at velvetembersstore@gmail and we can figure something out.



“He’ll Make a Man Out of You”


“Midnight Radio”











Work in Progress

This is Flidais, an Irish Celtic goddess of the forest. This has been a slowly progressing piece due to other commitments and running out of materials during the work but here she is. All I have to do tomorrow is put a couple of coats of gloss on her eyes and glue on her eyelashes.

Midnight Radio.

I’m working on a trio of paintings at the moment, all tied in with gender, or rather, the lack of defined lines of what is socially acceptable as “male” or “female”. I was particularly inspired by Hedwig & the Angry Inch, David Bowie and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is Hansel from Hedwig in the last scene, with my own little twist.

Experiments in paint.

I’ve started a new series of painting exploring subjects who helped smash standard gender roles. First in this series is David Bowie because he was an early example of not giving a fuck about whether his attire came from the men’s or women’s section, and he could rock a dress like nobody’s business.

So far:

Still needs the rest of the front rainbow, which I hope to have done by tomorrow night. Plans to distress the back rainbow with some black glaze and a rough brush, and to add glossy varnish to the rainbow, as well as colour shift paint to the face paint.